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Is iMEGANE a Japanese store or Vietnamese store?

iMEGANE is a professional Japanese style eyewear store, with 100% investment from Japan.

I see a lot of Japanese eyewear store recently. Are that iMEGANE stores?

At the moment, iMEGANE has only 2 stores at 231 Dien Bien Phu Str, Vo Thi Sau ward, Dist.3, HCMC and 122 Le Thanh Ton, Ben Thanh ward, Dist.1, HCMC. We do not have any branch at other location.

Do you have store at shopping mall?

iMEGANE is concerntrating to build up a professional stores with proper facilities in order to meet customer's need. At the moment, we do not have any store in shopping malls.

How many store do you have?

At the moment, iMEGANE has 02 stores at:

1. 231 Dien Bien Phu Str, Vo Thi Sau ward, Dist.3, HCMC

2. 122 Le Thanh Ton Str, Ben Thanh ward, Dist.1, HCMC

About Products

Is iMEGANE selling contact lenses?

iMEGANE is selling contact lenses of famous contact lenses manufacturers from Japan. Besides, customer is always consulted and free to try contact lenses before purchasing. Test lenses are as same as final product in quality and origin.

Can I try the glass at store before purchasing?

We are welcome all customer. Customer is free to choose and try our product at store to find out the most suitable eyeglass before purchasing.

Where can I find iMEGANE's product information?

Customer can find our product information via our homepage at hopes.com.vn or our EC site at i-meganet.com.vn, or our fanpage at facebook.com/matkinhiMEGANE

Are iMEGANE's products genuine?

All products at iMEGANE is 100% genuine. We commit that our products have been checked and adjusted thouroughly by Japanese and Vietnamese specialists before display.

About Purchasing

Can I order my eyeglass through this page?

Customer is able to order frames and lenses by this page or our EC site. However, customer is responsible for the descriptions provided to us and other information such as size of frame. iMEGANE staff is willing to support via our fanpage, website, tel and other communication methods. Customer is responsible for purchasing via internet.

What is iMEGANE after-sale service?

We, iMEGANE, are aiming to create an long relationship with customer as a life-time partner with our premier warranty policy and technique. Frames at iMEGANE are all 100% imported from Japan with 6 month of warranty for manufacturing failure from the date of purchase. The vision consulted by our opticians/doctors is 1 month of warranty.

However, this policy is not applied for 50% OFF or over products, and other policy announced with our sale campaign. 

Please ask our staff for more information.

How much an eyeglass costs in total?

At iMEGANE, we have wide range of frame and lenses to meet customer need and favoure.

Customer is also free to choose a combo eyeglass (frame+lenses) from 1,500,000VND

Recently, I have a trouble with my near vision. Is there any lens to help both my near and far vision? How much is it?

When years come, your eyes eventually feel difficult to focus clearly on things up close.

At iMEGANE, we have many progressive lenses that individually made and imported from Japan in order to fit with each customer.

The price is from 2,900,000VND. Besides, customer is free to choose other options such as blue-light cut coating, progressive photochromic lenses and other.