Japan Eyewear

We are providing TRUE MEGANE (Made in Japan) which is made by

Japan manufacturer, in Japan factory and by Japanese craftsmen


MEGANE = Japan Eyewear

The word of "MEGANE" is filled with technology, quality and philosophy

only found in Japan.

We hope to bring to Vietnamese customer the true value of MEGANE

Our Value

We are providing TRUE MEGANE (Made in Japan) which is made by Japan manufacturer, in Japan factory and by Japanese craftsmen.

"Shopping sastifaction" starts from “relief” and “convince”. Our product is not only eyewear, but also:

The happiness in shopping

The worry-free shopping in trust-worthy place

The relief in always-high-quality service.

We are providing the "Total value"

to satisfying customer at all task



Our wishes have been granted

Good MEGANE depends on the craftsmen.





MEGANE craftsmen must be professional.


Precision of MEGANE is depending on the craftsmen.

Good MEGANE is paired with right suggestions, backed by

specialized knowledge, and accurate processing.


MEGANE is an important part to create your face.

We, with our craftsmenship in making MEGANE,

promise to be responsible for every work.

Always professional
in everything


We treasure a continuous learning spirit to reach higher target. To achieve such target, we not only do study every day together but also training in Japan. We commit to give our best effort for the relief and convince of customer.

Hospitality [OMOTENASHI]

"High-end products must be with qualified staff". We bring to customer our whole-hearted service from Japan together with our products. We want to convey our gratitude to customer.

Please come and experience our [OMOTENASHI] – Vietnam No.1 hospitality spirit.


The measuring and processing machines used in iMEGANE are also MADE IN JAPAN. We provide safe and fine finished products with leading equipment and engineering technology in conformity with Japanese standards.

  To become your life-time partner.


We have a long-term warranty and extensive after-sales service to ensure a long-lasting product.

We wish to build a long-term relationship with our customers. Even after handing over, we commit to provide the highest quality of service.

The first Japanese eyewear store in Vietnam


The first authentic Japanese eyewear store in Vietnam, "iMEGANE", was opened on August 28th, 2013, in the memorable 40th anniversary of the Japan-Vietnam friendship.

MEGANE means Mat kinh (eyewear) in Japanese.

We wish that the word of MEGANE will be recognized as a synonym of Japan’s Mat kinh.

Like “TOYOTA” means Japan’s car, HONDA means Japan’s motorbike, as an pioneer of Japanese eyewear, our wish is to build the perception of “MEGANE” as “Mat kinh” in customer in Vietnam.

We provide high-end quality, fine and excellent eyewear.

Besides, we support our customers' vision with high quality lenses made in Japan.