Flair Brand Eyewear Collection - Made in Germany
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Flair Brand Eyewear Collection - Made in Germany

Flair Eyewear Collection - Made in Germany
With more than 75 years of experience, Flair pioneers the premium rimless eyewear market loved in Europe and the world.
Luxurious and elegant glasses in the Pure Technology & Art Couture collection, inspired by high fashion art combined with modern technology.
The glasses are made of high-quality titanium material, durable and lightweight, stylized in many styles to create attractive accents on the face.
The perfect assembly technique between the lenses and the pincer is particularly precise in every detail. Attached by a specialized wire that is transparent and elastic permanently and is only about 0.4 mm thin, helping to increase aesthetics and reduce the weight of the frame's pressure on the nose.
Frameless lenses are cut and crafted very carefully to make a difference, you can freely choose the lens shape models that suit your face.
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