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From how much can we make our glasses?

We sell our glasses from 800,000 VND, which is the combo set includes frame and lenses (You could upgrade lenses if you pay extra charge). Other than combo sets, we have wide variety of frames starting from 1,200,000 VND and genuine lenses from 500,000 VND.

Are the products in your store all Japanese products?

All the products in i-Megane is sold in Japan. Most of them are made in Japan.
Even if the product made in Italy, America, Korea and China, we import from Japan to Vietnam.
There for we do not sell imitation and copy products.

I am recently getting hard to see something close, but is there any lens that can be seen both in the distance and nearby?

Our shop provides many kinds of progressive power lenses that look smooth in the distance and nearby with only one lens. Please feel free to try at our shop..
We will propose the comfortable lens according to your current glasses, contact lenses, work and life.

Can we put power lens in sunglass?

Yes you can. Please select the sunglass , take eye exam
and choose the appropriate lenses(the price of lens is apart from sunglass).
You can choose same color with the sunglasses, or choose from our sample lenses, that have over 30 colors.

Do you have lens for people working long time with PC?

We have "Blue-light cut lens" that cuts the blue lights which radiates from PC and tablets and reduce eye stresses. Our "Blue-light cut lenses" are all import from Japan, and we have stocks for single vision. (In case your power out of stock ranges, we have to order in Japan.)

How long does it take to receive the glasses?

If we have the stock of lenses, we can hand it to you fastest in 20 minutes.
If you choose others, or lenses out of range we stock, we have to order to Japan, it will take 20 days.

Can I take eye exam without buying a pair of glasses? How much does it cost to take exam?

Please feel free to come to our stores, Japanese staffs, Vietnamese doctor and laboratory technician are always welcoming you to check for free of charge.

Can I pay by credit card?

We will accept many type of credit card, debit card, cash card (issued in Vietnam local bank).

I live in quite a distance, could I order by phone and deliver it to my home?

It's possible, but you have to inform us your informations depends on what you want to buy according to our rule. Feel free for calling us for more details.