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I constantly express my company staffs as "business family".
People with different gender, age, personality, values ​​and experiences collaborate with each other as a team in a framework called a company, sharing gratitude while helping each other.

Of course we have to work for our lives, but by sharing your dreams/goals and working together aiming the same target you can raise your mind, refine your personality and grow to a more attractive person.
And we believe that it is very important to pursue both happiness and economical richness as well.

From Hokkaido's local city in Japan, we will bring Japanese pride, friendship with Vietnam, venture spirit as a small business entrepreneur and conduct business activities in Vietnam.

In order to realize our big dreams and goals, we are looking for partners to work in Vietnam and Japan. We welcome those who can work hard with physically/mentally healthy and with enthusiasm.

"Where there is a will, there is a way."
We welcome cheerful colleagues who climb together with us towards big goals.

iMEGANE CEO Suzuki Shinichi


Japan Style
Japan Style
All of the staff go together towards the goal, making good use of each other's strengths and cover the weaknesses. "Teamwork & covering" will promote the growth of individuals and company.
Long Term Career
Long Term Career
Since it is the first Japanese store specialized in eyewear, there are lots of attractive goods that you could not find elsewhere. As a pioneer, there is a pleasure to touch the cutting-edge product and make it as your occupation.
Only 1 in Vietnam
Only 1 in Vietnam
For each person's happiness and life planning, we cannot pursue short-term results. We are aiming true success by solidifying the foundation without rush and gradually applying it.


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