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about Imegane

I-MEGANE opened the first shop in Dien Bien Phu street on 28 August 2013 as the first Japanese shop specialized on eyewear in Vietnamese market and opened the second shop in Le Thanh Ton street on June 9, 2015.

As the pioneer of Japanese eyewear shop in Vietnam, currently has two stores in the center of Ho Chi Minh city, we are developing day by day focusing on "Japan Style", which is importing Japanese quality products from Japan and selling with Japanese service.

growing Japan Style, the first Japanese glasses specialty shop in the Vietnamese market, that is, it on Japan Service motto continue to develop It is.

about Suzuki

Suzuki Co., Ltd. was founded in Nemuro City, Hokkaido in 1930. Until now, stores are been preferred by local community.
Ever since, Suzuki have established deep relationships with Japanese manufacturers and trading companies, to provide customers with better products and also made feedback to both in order to make better product.

Pulling everything together, spirit of past, knowledge, technology, trust and bonds,
Suzuki supports I-MEGANE with full power from Japan.

Wholesale & Franchise Store


Don't you want to sell Made in Japan's high quality items in your store?
I-MEGANE is an authorized wholesale dealer who made direct contracts with several manufacturers in Japan.
Please feel free to contact us.

Franchise Store

"Japan Quality with Japan Service"
I-MEGANE is popular among customers from all over the country, not to mention Ho Chi Minh City.
We are looking for partners to spread the wonderfulness of Japanese products and hospitality.
Providing items are of course, knowledge and support system are perfect as well.
We are waiting for your inquiries.



On 28th of August 2013, 40th anniversary year of Vietnam-Japan Friendship and Cooperation,
the first authentic Japan style eyewear shop "i MEGANE" in Vietnam was born.

MEGANE means Mat kinh(Vietnamese for glasses) in Japanese.
Like TOYOTA means Japanese car, like Honda means motorcycle in Vietnam,
I want the word MEGANE to be recognized as a synonym of Mat kinh of Japan.
As a pioneer of Japanese-style eyeglass specialty store,
we strongly wish many Vietnamese people in Vietnam to recognize
the word "MEGANE" like synonymous word Mat Kinh.

MEGANE is a part of the body, individuality for each person and can also be said as an Identity.
And i in iMEGANE stands for i = Eye, i = No.1, i = LOVE (the word"ai" means love in Japanese)
i express i = TREND (fashionable) as well.

I have brought a definite skill and a heart of hospitality from Japan, an advanced country of eyewear.
We offer cutting edge safety, security, high quality and beautiful eyeglasses.
Moreover, we support with high-performance eyeglass lens made in Japan for your comfortable eyesight.
We have cooperated with about 20 Japanese manufacturers to provide many high added-value products.

Japanese eyeglasses are manufactured to fit the shape, skeleton and face of Japanese.
The products are answered to various fine needs and satisfaction of Japanese customers.
We believe that Vietnamese people, who the shape of the face resembles Japanese people,
to be match better than any other country's products.

While seeking genuine and service, pursuing customer's satisfaction and smile,
we would like to become a bridge between Vietnam and Japan's eyewear industry,
we would like to contribute to the development of Vietnam -Japan friendship relationship.

I will do my utmost to make iMEGANE stores being loved by everyone in Vietnam.
All of employees are sincerely looking forward to your visit. Thank you.

i-Megane CEO SUZUKI Shinichi

Thank you very much for choosing our shop.

Our shop is the first Japanese eyeglass shop in Vietnam to provide customers genuine quality and Japanese hospitality and services which we are improving day by day.
We handle frame · sun glasses imported from Japan, there are many high quality and stylish items.

In addition to above items, high-performance eyeglass lenses made in Japan are also sold as main products.

We are also putting emphasis on staff education and regularly conducting training sessions each month. Moreover staffs are studying customer service through daily on the job training.

The most distinct point in our store is our service towards customers which I am very proud of it

"Hospitality is given to one customer by all the staff and customers will enjoy shopping"
"Great appreciation for small shopping, giving thanks for one guest by all staff"
"Do not forget the spirit of ONE FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE"

All will work hard in order to respond to customers' gratitude.

Please come and visit our store once and feel the service of Japan once.

FUTAGUCHI - Store Manager Futaguchi Tatsuya