All Japan Quality

"Japanese professional shop offers it's best in Vietnam"
We will provide the same genuine quality and service, whether we are in Japan or in Vietnam.

Our Promise

To provide customer satisfaction and better visibility,
we value good manners, warm smiles and explain our products and quality carefully.
We promise to give out our "Omotenashi(hospitality)" with full power.

Special Lens

With the cooperation of three top runner of Japanese lens makers,
we sell the best lenses that they have pride in Vietnam.
Our shop import the latest progressive lens from Japan. (You can buy the full variation from Japan.)
We are proud of delivering high technology and continuous effort of our products to everyone in Vietnam.

Questions & Answers

How long does it take to receive the glasses?
If we have the stock of lenses, we can hand it to you fastest in 20 minutes.
If you choose others, or lenses out of range we stock, we have to order to Japan, it will take 20 days.
From how much can we make our glasses?
We sell our glasses from 800,000 VND, which is the combo set includes frame and lenses (You could upgrade lenses if you pay extra charge). Other than combo sets, we have wide variety of frames starting from 1,200,000 VND and genuine lenses from 500,000 VND.
Are the products in your store all Japanese products?
All the products in i-Megane is sold in Japan. Most of them are made in Japan.
Even if the product made in Italy, America, Korea and China, we import from Japan to Vietnam.
There for we do not sell imitation and copy products.




  • Add: 285B Dien Bien Phu St, Ward 7, Dist.3, HCM City, Viet Nam
  • Tel: 84.28.3930.3025
  • Opening time: 08:30 - 20:00
  • In front of St.Paul Ho Chi Minh city Eye Hospital



  • Add: 122 Le Thanh Ton St, Ben Thanh Ward, Dist.1, HCM City, Viet Nam
  • Tel: 84.28.3823.7200
  • Opening time: 09:00 - 21:00
  • Near Ben Thanh Market, in front of Liberty Central Hotel

  • Add:
  • Tel:
  • Opening time:
  • Near Eastin Grand Hotel, in front of Centre Point